Our approach

Our approach to operating our assets is focused on our key strategic pillars, our business, our people and our relationships, while continuing to invest in our future

Our approach

Our Strategic Approach

Our vision is to be a leading gold producer in Africa. We will achieve this by focusing on our strategic pillars

Our business

We have made significant technical changes to our business to ensure that each of our mines is correctly engineered, set up to deliver free cash flow and able to drive operating efficiencies. Each mine operates as its own commercial business unit, with regulatory and strategic oversight being provided by the central offices.

Our people

Our people are our core asset and we are focused on creating a high-performance culture where our people are held accountable, but are given the tools to succeed. In order to achieve this we have significantly reduced the levels of management, restructured our corporate offices, right-sized the workforce and promoted local talent whilst providing enhanced training programmes.

Our relationships

We have focused on improving our relationships with the communities around our mines and with the Government. We have engaged more actively with the community, the media and our broader stakeholders. We have also worked hard to strengthen our relationships with local and national authorities to ensure that we receive the appropriate support for our business in order for us to continue to be a key economic development driver for our host countries.

Our future

We believe that exploration is a significant driver of value for the business over the long term and as a result we have continued to invest during the down-cycle in the market. As a result, we have built a significant land package across Africa in the most geologically prospective belts which will provide our exploration group the best opportunity to discover our next mines, as well as other opportunities to drive shareholder value over the long term.