Our people

Case studies of employees who have progressed their careers at Acacia

Our people

Margareth Omari, Human Capital Development Section Leader

Name : Margareth Omari
Age : 47
Home city : Dar es Salaam
Job title : Human Capital Development Section Leader
Joining date : 24th November 2005

Job history at Acacia

I began working at the company nearly 9 years ago in November 2005. In that time I've worked my way up from a Bi-Lingual Translator, through the Training and Development team in the then Kahama Mining Company Limited, which is now called Bulyanhulu Gold Mine to now being the Human Capital Development Section Leader at North Mara Gold Mine. I am well versed in a number of aspects in the mining industry and have gained solid experience in training, learning and development, succession planning, capacity building and talent management.

I’ve received tremendous support from the Company and valuable training on site which included on-the-job training, coaching and overseas training, whereby I was given the opportunity to study at the University of Cape Town and successfully completed the Programme in Business Improvement - Associate in Management (PBI AIM).

Key responsibilities

My primary role for the last year has been managing the Learning and Development Department focusing on Capacity Building and Localisation Succession Planning at the North Mara Gold Mine. We are developing the capability of high potential team members at all levels, through the provision of the required training and development.

I have also played an active role in the Talent Management Programme, which is one of the pillars of success for the Company. Through this process we ensure that we identify and develop the right talent to achieve our current and future business objectives.

Other key projects that I am involved in include managing the Integrated Mining Technical Training (IMTT) to support our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by sponsoring youths from the villages surrounding our mine site through training in various trades.

Why work for Acacia?

In my view, the main reason to join the Company is the chance to work on great projects, the opportunity to get excellent training and learning opportunities and build your career with the Company. The exposure to highly skilled and experienced team members from all around the world further enriches one’s experience and growth and the interaction with management and team members from other departments enables one to learn more about the business every day.

Acacia is a world class company and the experience of working here will be valuable to anyone, no matter what kind of role they are in. Each team member’s talents are valued and are further enhanced to enable them to reach their maximum potential. At Acacia, the sky is the limit.

Benedict Masili Busunzu, Commercial Manager – Bulyanhulu Mine

Name : Benedict Masili Busunzu
Age : 34
Home city : Dar es Salaam
Job title : Commercial Manager – Bulyanhulu Mine
Joining date : 19th February 2007

Job history at Acacia

I began my career with the company nearly 8 years ago, joining as a Management Accountant at our Bulyanhulu mine site. I worked at the Bulyanhulu mine site for two years before being transferred to our Dar es Salaam Office, where I was promoted to a Senior Accountant. In early 2012, I was seconded to our Johannesburg Office for one year in the capacity of Financial Analyst before returning to the Dar es Salaam Office and being promoted to the role of Shared Business Centre Financial Controller. In May 2014, I transferred back to the Bulyanhulu mine site as the Commercial Manager which is my current role.

Key responsibilities

The core accountability for my current role is to provide leadership, systems and strategies that deliver industry best practices in commercial services to meet current and future business needs. My role includes the management of working capital and cost control to be consistent with what was planned and the shareholders expectations.

I have as well played an active role in the regional financial reporting where I was dealing with the accounting and financial reporting for all of the entities within Acacia.

Why work for Acacia?

Well, Acacia has opened up so many opportunities for my growth. It has well-trained individuals who can assist you in whatever aspect you may require through their respective inputs.

Bulyanhulu is a world class reserve and we are soon expecting to see it emerging as one of the world class mines. This drives a much bigger motive to be part of a world class mine in the making through the transformation we are currently driving.

It has always been an honour to work with first class employees in the past 8 years and I am looking forward to seeing the same team working together throughout the Life of Mine. I can only hope that someday my daughter will be part of this amazing team.