Why join Acacia

We are focused on ensuring our people are given the tools to succeed

Why join Acacia

We strive to attract a broad mix of team members from both the traditional and non-traditional mining labour markets. This approach reflects our philosophy of equal opportunity and rests on the belief that a diverse workgroup gives a competitive advantage to our business, and allows us to create a unique company culture.

As an employer, we:

  • are committed to attract, hire and promote team members we expect will make the most contribution to our success and become our best leaders.
  • strive to select people who have the skills, knowledge and experience to perform in role and meet our expectations with respect to living our leadership and team behaviours.
  • respect and value each of our team members and observe the fundamental tenets of human rights, safety and non-discrimination in the workplace.
  • fairly compensate our team members for their contributions.
  • provide meaningful performance feedback and offer professional development and training opportunities to progress and reward best performance.
  • encourage accountability and team member involvement in issues affecting the workplace to help improve safety and work conditions, as well as our efficiency and our business.