Update on Developments in Tanzania

04 Jul 2017

Acacia announces that today Notices of Arbitration were served in Tanzania on behalf of Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Limited (“BGML”), the owner of the Bulyanhulu mine, and Pangea Minerals Limited (“PML”), the owner of the Buzwagi mine. These Notices refer the current disputes between the Government of Tanzania and each of BGML and PML to arbitration. This is in accordance with the dispute resolution processes agreed by the Government of Tanzania in their Mineral Development Agreements with BGML and PML.

The serving of the Notices at this time is necessary to protect the Company, but, this notwithstanding, Acacia remains of the view that a negotiated resolution is the preferable outcome to the current disputes and the Company will continue to work to achieve this.

The Government of Tanzania has informed Barrick Gold Corporation (“Barrick”) that at this stage it wishes to continue their dialogue, and therefore Acacia will not participate directly in these discussions when they commence. Any potential resolution that might be identified as a result of such discussions will be subject to approval by Acacia, and the Company will work with Barrick as necessary to support such discussions.

All three of our mines are continuing to operate in line with previous announcements, and we will provide an update on developments, including the proposed mining legislation, once the legislative process is complete.