Acacia Maendeleo Fund

Promoting Sustainable Development

We established the Acacia Maendeleo Fund in 2011 as part of our commitment to promoting sustainable development in the communities in which we operate. Since that time we have invested US$35.0 million into nearly 150 projects across a range of areas.

Funding priority is given to investments that support community development and capacity building, access to health, education and water and environment projects within communities surrounding our operations.

In 2015, key projects included:

• upgrading of the Bwirege Secondary School near North Mara;

• upgrading the Bugarama Health Centre near Bulyanhulu; and

• revamping of Nyangoto Water pipeline near North Mara.

We also launched two initiatives in 2015 to build local community cohesion. We championed the Mahusioano sports tournament involving teams from our surrounding communities across a range of sports and formed a strategic partnership with Sunderland Football Club for grassroots football coaching and development for youths in the communities around our mines.