Our approach to sustainability

We recognise the importance of developing our sustainability practices for the benefit of our stakeholder group as a whole. We aim to maintain our social licence to operate through acting responsibly in relation to our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

We are determined to work with the utmost respect for individuals, our employees, and the communities and environments in which we operate, while pursuing value for our shareholders.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter guides our conduct in the fields of:


Our Code of Conduct mandates that we conduct our business with ethical standards and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Generally, we strive to act as a responsible corporate citizen and lend our expertise to help engage in constructive public dialogue and informed debate on issues of importance to us as a company, the mining industry and the communities in which we operate.

The following is in response to the article published by the Wall Street Journal in relation to the North Mara Land Task Force.

Our employees

We are committed to developing the full potential of our employees. We respect and value each of our employees and observe the fundamental tenets of human rights, safety and non-discrimination in the workplace. We fairly compensate our employees for their contributions, provide meaningful performance feedback to them and offer them professional development and training opportunities. We encourage accountability and employee involvement in issues affecting the workplace to help improve safety and work conditions, as well as our efficiency and our business. We also recognise that best practices in this important area continue to evolve and that, accordingly, we must learn and evolve as a business as well.

Our communities

We fully consider social, cultural, environmental, governmental and economic factors when evaluating project development opportunities. We interact with residents, governments, and non-governmental organisations in our local communities, international agencies and other interested groups to facilitate long-term and beneficial resource development. We give priority to building partnerships in entrepreneurial endeavours that contribute to enhancing local capacity and we also commit to providing financial support of organisations through our charitable donations, budgets and policies. The employment of indigenous peoples and local community members is also a priority. We respect the interests of all members of the communities in which we conduct business and encourage open and constructive dialogue and interaction with them. We take the responsibility to listen carefully, be responsive and provide information that is accurate, appropriate and timely.

The environment

We have a responsibility to protect, reclaim and enhance the environment in which we operate. We encourage wise environmental stewardship and diligently apply proven management controls to achieve this goal. Through our comprehensive environmental management programmes, we are committed to ensuring that environmental effects are being adequately addressed; controls are in place to ensure compliance with corporate environmental policies and obligations; environmental management activities are supported by adequate resources and financial provisions; that plans are in place to ensure that the environment is protected for future generations; and that the sustainability of nearby communities is safeguarded.

Health and safety

Our goal is to have every employee go home in good health and uninjured, after every shift, each and every day and we are committed to performing every job in a safe and healthy manner. We expect all employees and contractors to work in accordance with our safety and occupational health management policies, for the benefit of each one of our colleagues, families, communities and business. Through our health and safety systems, we provide the equipment, training and resources necessary to enable employees to work safely.

Security and human rights

We believe that effective security controls, standards, policies and procedures contribute to the safety and protection of our employees, assets and reputation and the communities in which we operate.

In addition to compliance with all applicable laws and regulation, it is imperative that our security function adheres to our commitments for the protection of human rights and respect for people. Above all, we respect the human rights of all individuals impacted by our operations and we do not tolerate any violations of these rights.